Perks of Getting Along with Your Ex

Whether by divorce or a break-up, it is often difficult to get along with your ex. Acrimonious relations effect your entire life and even those around you. It does not have to be this way. There are perks to getting along with your ex even after a tumultuous breakup.

Divorce is often tumultuous, but it does not have to be afterward. Sometimes, there is still mutual respect between two people after a divorce. Even if there is not a great amount of love left between two exes, the choice to be civil is better than constantly fighting. No one wants to go through life still fighting with their ex years after the breakup.

  1. Children

When it comes to divorce, children are the ones who feel the long-term pain of a breakup. Unlike adults, children do not yet understand the complicated aspects of marriage and relationships. Despite a couple‚??s best intentions, a divorce often brings the worst out in people.

If you get along with your ex, your children will notice your harmonious situation. Getting along with your ex reassures your children that both parents still have their best interest at heart. It also makes it easier to make decisions about your children. Getting along with your ex means that you can have a more civilized conversation about your child‚??s welfare. Decisions about your child‚??s life are hard to accomplish if you and your ex are bickering.

  1. Save the friendship

Divorce happens for many reasons. Sometimes, the marriage ends for reasons outside the couple‚??s control. Even though the relationship or marriage is over, you do not have to stop being friends. Inside jokes, common hobbies, and even vacation spots are still enjoyable if you remain friends with your ex. You are not haunted by bad memories whenever you think of these places or things. Instead, you think about the friendship.

  1. Harmonious legal proceedings

After someone files for divorce, the couple will undergo a full divorce proceeding and a custody case if there are children. If you remain friendly, the process is much more enjoyable.

If you remain friendly with your ex, it will be far less likely that your ex will be unkind to you. Likewise, harmonious relations make it easier to navigate the process in the most equitable way possible. During a divorce, your ex is less likely to try to seek revenge. The same goes for a custody issue. Friendly relations make for better for legal proceedings.

  1. Easier to move on with your life

After the marriage breaks down, the relationship is over. Most likely, you and your ex will move on from the relationship. You will move to new places and find someone else to have a relationship with. As you move on, acrimonious exes are not likely to get along with the new people in their ex‚??s life.

This is difficult for children and others around the divorced couple. If you get along with your ex, you release all the baggage in your past. It is easier to move on when there is nothing negative to hold onto.

  1. Hold on to the good stuff from the relationship

After a marriage falls apart, it is hard to keep ahold of all the things that you enjoyed about the marriage. All of the sudden, you have to say goodbye to mutual friends, your in-laws, and old hobbies. If you stay friendly with your ex, it is easier to hold onto all the great things.

Just because you are saying goodbye to your ex does not mean that you have to say goodbye to everything. Getting along with your ex has its perks.