Divorce and Family Law

Reaching Sustainable Solutions in Your Divorce

Going through a divorce is a lot like walking through a minefield. Without a lawyer to guide you, it can be impossible to avoid making a dangerous mistake.

At Cedar Law Center, we help families throughout Virginia navigate the divorce process. Together, we can create sustainable solutions that meet your family‚??s current needs and future goals.

Considering All Available Options in  your Divorce and Family Law case

Ending a marriage can be complicated. Even a simple dissolution can involve complex legal requirements. Members of the military and other individuals rely on us to assist them with every aspect of divorce including:

Some of the agreements you reach in a divorce cannot be changed later. We will help you anticipate future needs and reach solutions today that will protect your interests down the road.

Focusing on What Is Best for Your Family

Especially if you have children, you and your spouse will remain a part of each other‚??s lives after your divorce is final, whether you want to or not. We work hard to help families reach sustainable legal solutions in their family circumstances by encouraging and supporting the use of mediation and collaborative law, divorce and family law, reserving than in adversarial courtroom proceedings for only the most egregious situations. When litigation is absolutely necessary, we vigorously represent your interests.