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Divorce is an emotional decision for most couples. While a minority of couples approach divorce almost as a business decision, like the dissolution of a partnership, the vast majority of divorce cases are incredibly emotional. These very human factors can make decisions, compromise and cooperation very difficult to achieve without the help and guidance that an experienced Chesapeake divorce lawyer from Cedar Law Center can offer. While our main office is located in Virginia Beach, our founding attorney lives in Chesapeake and we regularly serve clients in Chesapeake.

One of the keys to a successful divorce is knowing what all the terms that get thrown around actually mean. Many people think they know the definitions of words, but in a legal context, words often have different meanings. This is where the guidance of Linda Shin, Chesapeake divorce lawyer, can be essential.

A good example is the term equitable in reference to property division. While courts in the Commonwealth of Virginia will accept any reasonable property division agreement reached by divorcing spouses and will render a judgment if no agreement is possible, the guiding principle in both cases is to seek an ‚??equitable‚?Ě split, but the word equitable does not, as many assume, mean equal. An equal division would simply split all common property down the middle, but the court instead seeks to decide what is fair.

The court will consider the contributions each spouse made towards the acquisition of property, the circumstances of each spouse (including their physical and mental condition), debts and liabilities of each partner (including how much marital debt is being paid by each spouse), tax consequences, custody and support issues, and a myriad of other details when determining property division. Going into a divorce assuming that there will be an automatic even split of all property and assets is a common mistake that often leads to serious miscalculation on the part of people seeking divorces without consulting a Chesapeake divorce lawyer like Linda Shin.

Education is always the key ‚?? knowing the law and its vocabulary is key. Call 757-490-7802 to schedule an appointment with Linda Shin or to find out about educational seminars that will help you understand the legal side of divorce and how it will affect your future.

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