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Distribution of Property: The Basics

When you are facing the prospect of an impending divorce, you might have significant concerns about the future. The process of dividing your property and debts can have a dramatic impact on your financial security and standard of living during and after your divorce. While there are many complex issues involved in the equitable distribution of property under Virginia law, this blog provides some basic information that everyone considering or involved in the divorce process should understand‚?¶

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Virginia Beach Family Law Attorney

One of the frequently overlooked aspects of any situation that might require the services of a Virginia Beach family law attorney is one of practicality: Many people, in the heat of an emotional family conflict, try to punish the other spouse or impose a settlement or judgment that makes them pay for the harm caused during the marriage. But ‚??victories‚?Ě won this way often prove to be short-lived, and they come at a much higher price, both financially and emotionally, than either of the spouses anticipated. These quarrels can go on for years in court before a judge enters a final decree, but misery does not stop there. When one side or the other ‚??wins‚?Ě in court at the expense of the other, the result is often further litigation, which in turn develops into a cycle of punishment and undermining that never ends.

It‚??s easy to get emotional when a dispute between family members arises‚?? whether it‚??s a custody problem or divorce case, a confusing will or a business problem between family members. These emotions often cause people to lose sight of the true goal: To settle the conflict to maximum satisfaction on all sides. You need an attorney who will guide you and your family through these difficult times with confidence and compassion in the least adversarial way possible for your situation.

Linda Shin, a competent and experienced Virginia Beach family law attorney knows how to navigate the choppy waters of family disputes. She knows when litigation is necessary and when a collaborative process or mediation might be a better choice ‚?? less stressful, friendlier and more private. At Cedar Law Center, the whole staff knows that family issues are very sensitive and they will treat you with the compassion and respect you need. These difficult matters can be extremely complicated and are rarely solved by aggression, and that solutions obtained through aggressive litigation and other similar adversarial tactics don‚??t have staying power, because the losing party immediately seeks to find ways to compromise the judgment or settlement.

Your solutions should be sustainable. When seeking a family law attorney in Virginia Beach, ask the right questions: About practical solutions, about making solutions ‚??stick,‚?Ě and about their approach to volatile and emotional family conflicts that often hover on the edge between resolution and escalation. The key is to put aside your emotions and approach the conflict as you would any other problem ‚?? seeking a solution, not retribution. Linda Shin and Cedar Law Center can help you do all of that. Call 757-490-7802 today for an appointment or to find out about educational seminars that will give you the information you need to make the best choices for your family during this vulnerable time.


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