What Role Does a Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Play after Iíve Been Charged?

With such serious crimes and the way that the legal system is designed in this country, it is best to enter that courtroom with representation. A drug crime defense lawyer in Virginia plays a major role taking care of your case and guiding you through the whole process. The impact that this situation can have on your future is major and so it requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge. If you or someone you know is facing drug crime charges, here is a guide as to what to expect from your drug crime defense lawyers after being charged.

Preparing for Court Date

The criminal defense lawyer has had the preparation and education required to face the courtroom. They also have expertise in completing the preparations for your court date. The process requires that your lawyer find and hire expert witnesses to testify. The lawyer must also find and prepare evidence that can play an important role in helping you win your case.


Finding the best drug crime defense lawyer in Virginia can pay off and provide you with a tool to lower your sentence or punishment. The sentences that come with a drug crime can include four figure and higher fees and fines. It can also include more than a few years in prison, depending on the seriousness of the crime. Having the lawyer by your side can help by them negotiate a deal to lower your sentence.


Another role that is equally as important is that of support for you. The lawyer can help guide you through all the emotions you are going through.

Top Reasons to Hire a Traffic Defense Lawyer to Fight Your Charges

Those annoying traffic violations are usually the ones that you prefer to take care of on your own. However getting that speeding ticket or other traffic violations can carry more weight than they appear to do. Fighting DUI and traffic charges in Virginia Beach can help save you some trouble down the road. With how much complicated the court system is than it appears. Here are a few of the top reasons to hire a traffic defense lawyer to fight your charges.

Keep Your Record Clean

The effect that a simple speeding ticket can have for remaining on your record can be major. You could be at risk of losing a job if it requires driving for having tickets on your record. A traffic defense lawyer can at times have the charges dropped with all their expertise.

Case Management

The whole process of court dates and communication with other members of the party can be confusing. However, the lawyer facilitates communicating with the judge and prosecutors to have the best outcome for you. They can also work with you to change dates of necessary and make it all run smoothly for you. Having a traffic violation can be an unexpected bump in your daily life; do not let it affect it negatively.

Attend those Serious Charges

There are also the more serious traffic violations involving DUIs and reckless driving. A lawyer can become even more essential and important in this area. With heavier fines and punishments, the lawyer will help you navigate the legal system to possible lower the conviction and help you find the best result.

Three Ways a Juvenile Crime Might Affect Your Future

Juveniles in court can have less serious consequences in court. The goal of the court concerning juveniles is to rehabilitate the offenders and then have them return to society to be productive and having learned a lesson. Juvenile crimes in Northampton County, VA can vary in seriousness and type. The possibility of the charges being serious and escalating to that of an adult can still exist. In the end, juvenile crimes like these can cause repercussions that can affect the rest of the juvenile‚??s life and future. Here are three ways a juvenile crime could affect your future.

Setbacks in School

Going through the process of the court and confront the juvenile charges that may come takes a lot of time. It may cause the juvenile to miss a lot of school to attend court dates. There is also the possibility of being held in a detention center for more than 20 days before the court. This can cause setbacks in their schoolwork and attendance, keeping you from graduating in the future.

College/Job consideration

Juvenile crimes in Northampton County in VA may be different in several different aspects however, the view of it from other people will be the same. This crime on your record can affect how future colleges consider you for acceptance. It can also affect how a job looks at hiring and even considering you for the job.

Professional Development

Not only can the juvenile crime affect how you are consider but also, depending on the job, how well you can succeed. Having the crime on your record can keep you from getting certain professional licenses and advancing in your field. It can also keep you from gaining certain security clearance for jobs that require it.

How to Include a Living Trust in Your Estate Planning

Life can change in the blink of an eye. Now, you have an estate, believe or not, and it is made up of all the things that you own whether it be a home, car, accounts, investments, etc. Despite the size it may, you must make sure it is taken care of correctly when you are no longer present. Estate planning in Virginia can entail quite a bit, as you have options as to how to take care of it. One of these options is living trust; if it is an option you are considering, there are a few ways to go about including it in your planning.

Contact an Attorney

Having to complete a part of your estate planning is like other legal matters that require the expertise of a lawyer. In this case, with a living trust, it also requires writing the living will and not a poorly writing will writing on your own. An expert is able to complete the specific technical language that the legal field requires to run smoothly. They will get on your way to planning your estate.

Consider What Property to Include

In planning the living trust, what you have consider is the property you will include in the trust. As a result of no probate fees, the living trust can allow you to include those most valuable property items for a lower cost. You will need to think about including house, real estate, stock, precious metals, etc.

Complete Appropriate Paperwork

To complete the living trust, it is not only necessary to write the document but to also address the deeds that must be added to the trust. Each time you add an asset to the trust you must sign a new deed. This whole process may seem burdensome but in the end, the benefits of having living trust in your estate planning can pay off.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer for a DUI Case?

If you have recently been arrested for DUI, then you are probably wondering if you need a criminal defense lawyer in Virginia to go with you to court. The answer of course, is that it is up to you and it is not illegal to represent yourself in court. However, it is not recommended that you go to court alone. Below, find some reasons that you need a lawyer with you when you go to court for a DUI charge.

DUIs have Serious Penalties

If you are convicted of a DUI, it not only affects your ability to drive, it can have serious adverse consequences on the rest of your life as well. Not only will you lose your license, you will have sky-high rates on your insurance. In many cases, the insurance company will drop you.

Plea Bargains are Often Possible

A reputable criminal defense lawyer in Virginia is capable of getting you a plea bargain when you go to court. In some cases, you can plead down your DUI charges to a lesser offense. Remember, that even first time offenders have been known to be sentenced to jail, so you do not need to take a DUI lightly.

The Burden of Proof

A lot of DUI case convictions hinge on science and the burden of proof is on the courts of course. Defenses your lawyer can use are faulty breathalyzers, a rising BAC defense, and even the defense that the officer administering the sobriety test was not properly trained.

These are just a few reasons you need a lawyer to represent you in a DUI case. The choice is yours, but remember a DUI case is a serious matter that benefits from the insight of a knowledgeable attorney.

Do Juvenile Crimes Impact My Ability To Go To College?

Finding yourself in trouble as a juvenile does not go quite the way it used to years ago. Many people think that a juvenile record is sealed and cannot be opened after the defendant turns 18 years of age. What many do not seem to realize is that this is not always true. In many states, your juvenile crimes record can be seen by a potential college and it is often done in order to check the record of someone if they are applying for any type of financial aid, such as student loans or Pell grants.

If you have been in trouble as a juvenile, your best bet is to hire a juvenile defense lawyer in Virginia to go to court with you. Having a juvenile record can impact your chances for going to many colleges and in turn can ruin your chance at a productive life as well. Below find some answers to questions many juveniles have.

How Should You Answer that Question?

If you are asked on a college application, and you will be, if you have a criminal record, you should never lie. Even if you think it has been sealed or expunged, you should check before stating one way or another.

Can You Get Financial Aid?

When applying financial aid with a juvenile felony conviction, your choices are limited. There is a lot of help out there that you will not qualify for, according to the type of conviction you have.

When it comes to getting in trouble as a juvenile, being young does not save you. Colleges are serious about your education, but they want productive members of society as well. Hire a reputable juvenile defense lawyer in Virginia today to rescue you from your juvenile crimes.

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