Reckless Driving Defenses

If you have recently received a reckless driving ticket while passing through Virginia Beach, you may be tempted to just pay it and move on with your life, but this can be a mistake. If you opt to pay for the ticket without attempting to defend yourself, it could impact your driving record and raise your insurance rates.

There are several possible defenses to your reckless driving charge, all of which are worth investigating before you simply accept the charge as a fact of life and face the consequences. If your speed is just a few miles per hour away from being a lower traffic offense, you may want to talk to your Virginia Beach reckless driving lawyer to discuss getting your vehicleâ??s odometer tested for accuracy.

Itâ??s also worth your time to review the officerâ??s actual statement about the incident, because mistakes can be recorded especially with regard to the identity of the driver. A traffic ticket sent through the mail unexpectedly could even signal that you have been the victim of identity theft.

You need to walk through the scenario of the reckless driving pullover scenario with an experienced Virginia Beach reckless driving defense attorney. Many times, an attorney who has handled cases like this before can discover details or issues that can really turn the tide in your case and open your eyes to a possible defense.

If you have been accused of reckless driving in Virginia, you need to contact an experienced attorney immediately. Call Linda Shin of the Cedar Law Center at 757-490-7802 to schedule a consultation today. Youâ??ll need to bring with you the name of the charges, the nature of the violation, the number of possible points that could be assessed if you were found guilty, and case details from the Virginia court system.

A Durable Power of Attorney: A Critical Part of Your Virginia Estate Plan

Certainly, the will gets the most attention when people think about a basic estate plan, but you could also benefit from a durable power of attorney. In many situations, this is actually the most important part of your total estate plan, because it gives you the opportunity to appoint another individual to manage your finances if you become incapacitated.

The best reason to have a durable power of attorney in Virginia is by considering the repercussions of going without one: a family has to wait for the court to appoint a guardian or conservator to handle your affairs, and this costs money and time. Furthermore, an ideal person to manage your affairs might not be appointed, so often itâ??s better to have someone you select yourself.

There are some myths surrounding durable power of attorney that lead some people to avoid them altogether. Itâ??s important to bear in mind that giving another individual power of attorney does not invoke your rights in any way in the short term: it simply gives another individual that power in the event that you are not able to do so. As long as you are competent, you have the power of revoke the power of attorney.

Even if you are not sure that you have a preferred individual youâ??d like to appoint, you might consider a limited durable power of attorney that would nominate an individual to serve as your guardian with the oversight of the probate court. Using a guardianship or conservatorship can help with this. Having a durable power of attorney, or considering how guardianship and conservatorship can help, may give you peace of mind that someone is helping you manage your affairs in the event that you are no longer able to do so.

Estate planning in Virginia can be tricky. Thatâ??s why it pays to have an experience estate planning attorney like Linda Shin to help you traverse this complicated aspect of the law. Call her today at 757-490-7802 for an appointment.

My Spouse Filed for Divorce: Do I Need a Lawyer Now?

Divorce is hard on everyone involved, but especially so if the divorce isnâ??t friendly, which is true in most cases. If your spouse filed for divorce, then you are probably wondering if you need a Virginia Beach divorce lawyer in your corner when you go to court. The answer isnâ??t all that simple, because in some cases a Virginia Beach divorce lawyer really isnâ??t needed. Read on below for some instances when you should hire a divorce lawyer right away.

Child Custody/Child Support Issues

If there are problems with who is going to have custody of your children or how much child support will be paid, then you will need a lawyer in your corner. Child custody and child support issues can get ugly and itâ??s better to have lawyers who can maintain the peace.

If You Fear You are in Danger

If you are coming out of an abusive marriage, then it is a good idea to have a lawyer take care of your divorce for you. If you are afraid that your spouse will do something to intimidate you into not going through with the divorce, then your lawyer will handle everything and you should not have to see your estranged spouse at all.

You Live Out of State

In many cases, the divorce will be filed for when both parties live in different states. It is best to have a divorce lawyer in this case, so that all of the laws are followed and no problems occur.

Should I Talk to a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chesapeake VA?

Many people, who have been charged with a criminal offense, become confused when it comes time to decide whether to talk to a criminal defense lawyer in Chesapeake VA or try to fend for themselves. The fact is that the justice system is so complicated, it is important to have a criminal defense lawyer in Chesapeake VA in your corner, when you go to trial.

It is important to realize that though you are not required to have an attorney present when you are up on criminal charges, a lawyer can do quite a bit for you.

Plea Bargain

A reputable lawyer can help you when it comes to striking a plea bargain with the courts and the prosecuting attorney. If itâ??s possible to reach a plea bargain, it could be the difference between a life sentence and a short time in prison. If you defend yourself in court, it isnâ??t possible to plea bargain should the opportunity arise.

Find Evidence

A reputable attorney has the resources to find evidence and witnesses, while you do not. It is possible that there is evidence out there that can clear you when you go to trial. If you donâ??t have an attorney in your corner, then you will never know.

A Lawyer can be Detached

Even lawyers do not represent themselves in court. Emotions run to high, and it is possible to hurt your case, more than help it, if you get emotional during the trial.

If you have been in trouble with the law, it is best to talk to a criminal defense attorney, before you do anything else.

Using a Wills and Trusts Lawyer in Virginia Beach to Amend Your Will

It is very important after you have written up a will that you have a wills and trust lawyer in Virginia Beach VA keep up with any changes in the will you would like to make. Remember, as your life goes on and changes, there are going to be changes in everything from potential beneficiaries and heirs to what property you have and who gets what. It is important to use a wills and trust lawyer in Virginia Beach VA to ensure that all of the changes are legal and in writing. Below are some of the times that you might want to amend your will.


When you get married, it is important that both you and your spouse contact a lawyer to make up new wills. In this case, it is often easier to just write up new will than it will be to amend your wills.


If you pass away after you are divorced and donâ??t amend your will, then your ex will receive everything. Changing your will is very important, once the divorce papers are final.

A New Baby

If you have an addition to your family in the form of a new baby, you should talk to your attorney right away to add the precious bundle to the will. There are laws in some states that will provide for the baby if you pass away. However, you may not want your assets divided the way the courts would decide too. Talk to your lawyer instead and amend your will the way you want it to be amended.

What Makes Military Divorce in Virginia Unique?

If you are one of the over a million Americans who are serving your country, or if you are married to someone who is military, and filing for military divorce in Virginia, then you will soon realize that getting a divorce in the military is different from filing for divorce as a civilian. Read on below for some reasons that filing for a military divorce in Virginia is unique.

Filing for a divorce when you are in the military, involves questions that civilian couples donâ??t face. Questions such as where are you going to file for divorce at and what jurisdiction are you under to file, are common, since most military couples are in different areas.

Child custody and child support issues are different in a military divorce as well. Just like civilians, soldiers are required to support their children. The military even has sanctions and punishments for active duty members who do not abide by the child support, custody, and visitation that is set up by the courts.

It is important for a military couple filing for divorce to seek legal help. While it may be simple for a civilian couple to go to court and get the matter over with, the military is a little different. Unless you or your spouse has only been in the military a very short time, you will not want to sign anything until you talk to a reputable military divorce lawyer in Virginia that is knowledgeable about military law and what it takes to get a divorce.

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