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A Divorce Attorney Providing Sustainable Legal Solutions in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Virginia

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our personalized approach to legal issues. At Cedar Law Center, we focus our practice on both family law and estate planning. As a Divorce Attorney, many clients come to us struggling with difficult personal problems as well as legal issues. We take the time to understand their circumstances and strive to provide sustainable solutions that address a broader range of their needs than many other divorce attorneys.

Offering Creativity, Compassion and Competence to Every Client


There is always more than one way to approach a legal problem. We truly listen to our clients’ needs and goals and take time to consider the approach that is best for them.

Sometimes that approach is aggressive litigation, but often alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or collaborative law are better solutions that allow many of our clients to resolve problems in a less traumatic manner. However, when litigation is necessary, we zealously protect our clients’ interests in court.

Nearly every situation has more than one solution. We will explore all of your options and offer guidance toward informed legal decisions. Sometimes, the least complicated method of resolving a problem turns out to be the best way. Other times, it takes more time and effort to reach a solution that meets your needs. We use creativity to find answers that will truly help our clients.


The legal system is a double-edged sword. It can be both useful and destructive. We began our practice to help individuals and families throughout Virginia avoid the destruction caused by adversarial legal proceedings.

Each person’s life circumstances are unique, and your legal solution should reflect that. In every area of our practice, we take the time to listen to our clients. We strive to find sustainable solutions that meet their immediate legal needs but that also address the underlying issues involved. For example, children who face criminal issues in juvenile court are often in need of treatment for underlying educational and behavioral needs. We work to identify those issues and to find the resources needed to address them.


At Cedar Law Center, we have been serving Southeastern Virginia and the military communities for many years. We have built a strong reputation for offering real solutions to our clients’ most personal legal problems. We offer support and knowledge to help you.